Taco Bell : An American Version of Mexican Fast Food

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America is known for it’s ability to combine many different cultures and backgrounds together to make a great nation, it is even more famous for doing this with food. The United States is known for its fast food industry. With this also comes a blend of various food with an American twist. One example is the well known and popular fast food restaurant Taco Bell. While Taco Bell is not labeled strictly as Mexican food, I believe it draws enough inspiration from traditional Mexican cuisine that it should be judged on the regular Mexican food standard. If a person were to compare the “Mexican” food served at Taco Bell to traditional Mexican dishes, people would find the Americanized versions severely lacking. Taco Bell ignores many popular and more traditional dishes, it also does not use many common ingredients that have become a Mexican food staple such as fish, and - the biggest travesty of them all-Taco Bell greatly misuses salsa. As a Mexican-American myself I am fairly familiar with many Mexican dishes. I have also had food from Taco Bell on a number of occasions. The headliners of the Taco Bell menu are what now is considered stereotypic Mexican food, tacos and burritos. While there are tacos and burritos in Mexico, and they are popular there as well, there are also a number of equally popular dishes that Taco Bell ignores. One of my personal favorites is a dish called Chilaquiles. It is a very simple and quick dish to make. Chilaquiles takes less than an twenty

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