Taking A Stand Against Slavery

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Taking a stand against slavery Madison Burton Junior Division Historical Paper Paper Length: 1,507 words Taking A Stand Against Slavery One of the most shameful periods in history was the institution of slavery in the nineteenth century two. The theme ¨Taking a Stand¨ definitely hits the divided issue of slavery. Most slaves brought to America were known as low class individuals who could bring no good, but History fails to state that most of the slaves who came were people of many trades, ambitions, and determinations. The Underground Railroad had its earliest beginnings with runaway slaves fleeing from the the Southern United States into Canada. By confronting human bondage without direct demands or violence, The…show more content…
Harriet Tubman was a major contribution to the Underground Railroad. Many hours and days went into her secretive work, causing her to be very respected by the slaves. It is important that we learn about Harriet Tubman because she is such a strong woman with an amazing story. Without Harriett, many slaves would have never made it to freedom. Most of the slaves chose to disobey their owners during the Civil War. They felt outraged and taken advantage of. With that feeling in their system, the rebellious slaves planned to get revenge. The whites, on the other hand, felt as if they were threatened by the slaves. A vast number of women left the countryside in fear of the slaves. To calm the fear, slave patrols disciplined slaves and beat them, sometimes until they were even dead. These events caused the slaves to resist even more to let their voice be heard. This issue is one not to be taken lightly. Yes, it was wrong for slaves to rebel, but it was also very wrong for the white owners to beat and torture their slaves. This leads many people to believe that rebelling was right on their part. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. The good out of this bad situation is that it helps us with history. We have learned not to make cruel decisions like that anymore, as well as laws prevent that from that happening. One child recalls his or her mother being beat all over again, because she requested to see her sick child. "I
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