Taking Care Of Your Body 's Health

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Taking Care of your body’s health: Invaluable Treasure. In today changing world, where technological advances across fields occur almost daily, a pleasant life expectancy for Americans should be no less than 70 years. People might increase their life quality if they grasp some preventing actions toward a healthy way of living. However, for Americans having health insurance coverage rather than a privilege it could be considered a disadvantage. Why? Easily, because the Health Care System includes several difficulties that preclude its own proper functioning. The Government should interfere in direction to restructure the Health Care System by implementing new legislations allowing all citizen to have access to a decorous medical…show more content…
Mostly of the time the inexpensive products include components that maybe deleterious. For instant, beverages and food that involve artificial ingredients, colorants, and flavors taste better than organics or natural products. Although, the manufacture used in some food containers involve toxic materials as bisphenol A. This substance, may trigger hormonal disruption specially in infants. XiaonaHuo et al. (2015) Fresh vegetables and fruits seems expensive compared with frozen or canned products, then the preferences for this type of products will decrease. Additionally, families landing on health issues like overweigh or obesity. When children eat more empty calories and expend fewer calories through physical activity are more likely to be obese than other children. The childhood obesity is a huge concern because an obese child today will become in an obese adult tomorrow. Anderson and Butcher (2006). In fact, Americans uncovered by health insurance might exposed to a less healthy lifestyle. It is not their decision have or have not a decorous medical coverage. Another reason why the government urges to make decisions and change the health care system due high cost on health insurance. The Marketplace of Health offers a variety of medical coverage, such as, Medicaid and Obamacare. The firestone include several HMO plans among Sunshine, Staywell, Amerigroup, and so on. https://www.medicaid.gov. All of them offers through government
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