Taking Water And Marketing Something That Should Be A Public Right

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California is going through a very difficult period right now because of this drought and there are still people who think that Nestle taking water and marketing something that should be a public right is okay. For example, people like the Chief Executive Officer of Nestle waters, Peter Brabeck-Letmath, recently said that water is a food like any other and it should have a price value because it is not a human right (Bacher). Pumping water out of California’s water sources while in an exceptional drought is outrageous. Many people might believe that it is okay for Nestle to pump water because it is for the people and they have the permission to do so, but at what cost? This constant pumping has already hurt the ecosystems and its animals …show more content…

However, the many jobs offered by Nestle mean more production of plastic bottles creating more waste and more pollution. As I interviewed one of my classmates, Tiffany Xiong, she brought up the point about how some people might say that water bottles are good because they provide water access for when there are no other options or when access to clean water is lost. Even though the bottled water might provide water in times of crisis, relying too much on bottled water can eventually lead up to the same crisis that other disadvantaged regions are facing. Bottled water might be convenient and fitting for most people, but it is still very expensive and corrupt compared to tap water. Also, bottled water companies have great impacts of producing and distributing millions of gallons of water on global warming. Many cities of California are suffering from the devastating drought and Nestles pumping and Sacramento is amongst the top.
In the state of California, the city of Sacramento is feeling the outcome of the water pumping by Nestle, as well as the drought. Sacramento has reached its Fourth year of this record braking drought, but this is not stopping Nestle from pumping water into water bottles and selling it to the public for profit. Nestle water has pumped approximately eighty million gallons of water out of the aquifers in Sacramento during this historic drought (Bacher). A lot of people in Sacramento

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