The And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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Many states across the US look at California as the place where dreams are made. The Promised Land with a temperate climate and opportunities abound. Hundreds of thousands have migrated to the state over the past 100 years looking for jobs and taking advantage of all the state has to offer. This includes the apparent abundance of natural resources that are used by all residents across the sunshine state. This exodus has not been without effect. Currently, California is entering its 6th consecutive year of drought. This seems an unlikely situation considering the number of lakes and reservoirs across the state and that the Pacific Ocean solely makes up the west border. The lack of water impacts not only residents, but also the businesses that rely on the resource to produce. One such industry that is heavily reliant on water is agriculture. 2016 Agricultural reports indicate that California farmers, supply over ½ of the nation’s vegetables and over 2/3 of the nation’s fruits and nuts. As the severity of the drought increases with each year of declining rain and snowpack, opinions have been debated over the ethical use of water across the numerous communities within the state. Each city is making their claim to the groundwater that is underneath them. Every city, and sector within the city, provides some level of justification of their need for use of just a little more than their neighbor or counterpart. What is a ‘responsible’ amount and what are the just purposes of use?

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