Taking a Look at Calvin Coolidge

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President Coolidge has earned the right of not being very known. He was known as “Silent Cal” because of the fact that he never really talked that much and because of his quiet demeanor. Because of this, he chose not to seek his second term. John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was born in the town of Plymouth Notch, Vermont on the 4th of July of 1872 to John Coolidge Sr. and Victoria Josephine Moor-Coolidge. John Sr. was a very successful farmer who had also served in the House of Vermont and the Senate. He also served in other local offices in Vermont. Victoria died when Calvin Jr. was 12 years old. Jr. also had a teenage sister named Abigail Grace Coolidge but she unfortunately died several years later also. Calvin's earliest family ancestor dating back into the American culture was also John Coolidge and he dated his arrival back as early as 1630. His great-great-grandfather was also named John Coolidge and served as an officer in the Revolutionary War. Now to talk about Calvin's education. You might wonder where Silent Cal got his education, well that place is known as Amherst College, located in Massachusetts. He pursued a law career and every apprenticed at a law firm in Northhampton, Massachusetts. In 1897 he was admitted to the bar and opened his own law office in 1898. Ever heard the saying opposites attract? Well that proves to be the case in the situation…

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