Taking a Look at Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity
There are many views on culture and diversities today in society. Many of us see culture as beliefs, traditions, ideas, and behaviors in different communities that are passed on from generation to generation. However, culture diversity basically involves the changes that are taken place comparing what was deeply rooted in culture in ancient times and how it has been changing over time. Changes in the recent decades have been experienced in many fields including education, work, personal relationships and health among others.
According to Thomas Sowell’s article, Cultural Diversity: A World View (n.d.), he argues that a diversity of cultures has influenced the course of world history. In the article, Sowell states “the worldwide importance of cultural diversity over centuries of human history before returning to the narrower issues of our time” (p. 1). He quickly recognizes that there are many definitions when it comes to diversity, meaning that certain definitions have cultural associations and others do not. Sowell (n.d.) also emphasizes on the workforce and how it is being replaced by the assimilation of diversity. From my understanding, people cannot compete economically if they are enclaved among the subcultures that they are around because Sowell believes there are more benefits to be looked at as far as “knowledge, skills and analytical techniques” (p. 6) of the world. He also believes that “individuals have decided for themselves how much of the

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