Taking a Look at Hygene Hypothesis

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Why did I take this up for detailed study?
I chose to take this up for detailed study as I find it a very relevant topic for my future career. In this world where people believe that everything should be sanitized and antibacterials are used for everything, from dishwashing soap, to bedsheets, our world is becoming a much cleaner place, with a great reduction in infections and illnesses. But, is it really beneficial for us to wipe out the microorganisms? I first came across the term “hygiene hypothesis” in a novel titled Parasite, by Mira Grant. It described a future where autoimmune disorders have become endemic, and people are dependent upon helminthic therapy to prime their immune system. That topic sparked an interest in me, and upon searching, I found that autoimmune disorders are much more prevalent in industrialized nations than third world nations, where sanitation is not prioritised as much as developed nations. It seems that our endeavour to wipe out microorganisms is turning upon us and making our immune system attack our own body. Hence, I decided to base my Special Study Module on hygiene hypothesis, to better understand the mechanisms behind our immune system and how a cleaner world is not really such a good thing after all. Review of Literature
First of all, before heading into the topic, I would like to run through basic immunology, as I find it crucial for the understanding of the topic. Here, I will describe the cells and cytokines involved in a normal

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