Taking a Look at Multi Agent Systems

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Multi Agent System (MAS) Understanding how independent agents work together and cooperate to exceed every task they face is the major goal of multi agent systems (MAS). MAS is a group of autonomous entities which simultaneously occur at the same time, taking what they need from common resources, and communicating with each other in different ways (Cormas). In addition, multi agent systems are considered a distributed system because of how independently agents are communicated despite of their different owners and motivations (Cormas). Not necessarily the agents that in multi agent system be just software, but it could be humans or even human teams who work together. In fact, one of the fields that were encouraged multi agent systems is e-business and all its areas such as online auction, e-commerce, and tourism. Electronic commerce application consists of core module which is considered the basic part to meet all business requirements such as preferred language and communication media, sourcing module which makes the process easy for buyers and sellers as well by providing them all the information they need, negotiation module which handles both easy and difficult negotiation such as discussing with multiple agents at the same time with different languages, auction module which cares about creating a suitable environment to sell as many as it could of its goods, and finally software agents which is the responsible part to finishing a deal, sending requests, and doing

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