Taking a Look at Nursing

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The nursing profession is commonly recognized as an essential component of healthcare with nurses representing the largest number of healthcare providers to date. Unfortunately for years, the minimum educational requirement to enter into nursing practice has yet to be standardized to meet the progressive needs required of healthcare providers. Presently, the option of enrollment into nursing programs of varying lengths and curricula that result in the same licensure and professional privileges places major concern on the quality of healthcare and the competencies required of the nursing professional. According to Taylor (2008), “despite having strength in numbers, nurses are the least educated of all the interdisciplinary healthcare team members with whom they collaborate” (p. 612). While other health professions recognize the importance of delivering patient care at the highest level requiring at bachelor’s degree and in some cases an advanced degree as the standard for entry into practice, the nursing arena has failed to follow suit. Ceaseless educational, cultural, societal, and technological advances in healthcare necessitate the requirement to obtain a baccalaureate degree in nursing to practice at the entry-level. At minimum, nurses should encompass the instructive and clinical readiness similar to the broadened obligations of healthcare. Without a set standard to enter into the practice of nursing, the risk of lower patient outcomes and lack of competency amongst

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