Taking a Look at Professional Procrastination

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By definition, the act of procrastinating is to postpone an event until a later time. We as humans have all delayed something in our lives, either related to school, work, or social activities. Although anything in life has the potential to be postponed or put off until the last-minute, procrastination is more commonly seen in schools and colleges among students. There are several reasons why students put off assignments, but, the main reason is that they do not take pleasure in doing their homework. Even though some students are unsuccessful in their dawdling, many students are often successful and benefit from saving coursework until the “last minute”. Taking a look at this process, we can see that procrastinating may actually save time and energy.
The first step in the procrastination process is to make a conscious decision to postpone a project until a later date. Upon receiving a homework assignment, students will often look over what they will be asked to do. If they are discontented by what they are presented with, thoughts such as “I do not want to do this” or “I will do this later” will spring up in their brain. After a student has either of the previous thoughts, they then put the assignment in their folder or binder and do not touch it until later. Frequently a student has no motivation to begin an essay, for example, right after receiving the prompt because there is no pressure to complete it in a short time. Since there is no drive to work on the essay, the

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