Taking a Look at Spermicide

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There are many different types of contraceptives; some are more common than others, such as the male and female condom or oral contraceptives, usually known as ‘the pill.’ One that is less heard of is ‘spermicides.’
Spermicides are sperm killers and can come in the form of gels, foams, films, suppository and creams. Spermicides are a barrier method of birth control, and contain chemicals, called octoxynol or non- oxynol (N-9,) that restrains and kills sperm. Foam prevents pregnancy by bubbling within the vagina, whereas cream, films, and gel melt in the vagina, all blocking the uterus entrance and killing the sperm.
The spermicide products are inserted deep into the vagina before sexual intercourse. The instructions for each form of spermicide must be read and followed carefully, as the requirements and techniques differ, but there are a few general rules: for each act of intercourse, you should apply a new application of spermicide, and if you feel burning or genital irritation, each different type of spermicide contains different amounts of N-9 therefore, find one with less non- oxynol, as well as do not put the spermicide on the tip of the penis as the spermicide may end in the incorrect position and may not have enough time to prepare or dissolve before intercourse.
Foams have the same consistency as hair- styling mousse and so you have to shake it for at least thirty seconds before use. Gels and creams have different consistencies but the same level of protection. In

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