Taking a Look at Technological Archiving

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Certain activities may be delegated to tools or operators outside the archive. Archived documents still share today between paper documents (stocks still large) and digital documents (increasing share of flows), without forgetting the other archival forms: films, objects, pieces of material. The archiving system can be manual (for paper) or automated.

Technological archiving is considered a set of actions, tools and methods used to collect, identify, select, classify and preserve electronic content on a secure medium, in order to exploit them and make them accessible over time. The duration of the archive is based on the value of the content and most often lasts on the medium or long term.

Archives are not simply the conservation of an achievable content of this for the future. The present and its relationship with the future, as Derrida says: ‘The archivization produces as much as it records the event’.
Such as Freud’s house that was turned into a museum, in way to make future generations remember the source of the foundation of psychoanalysis. The official website is used as a technological structure and allows the globalisation of the museum; people can access the…

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