Taking a Look at a Bullying Case

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Tears are shed while family members and friends clutch onto each other whispering words of wonder to God. Parents watch their treasure as they get buried only this time they can never recover their precious gem ever again. Friends lose one, or their only, trustworthy outlet to vent out all their problems and secrets to. The Earth loses one more person that could’ve made some sort of difference, that person that had a life to live. All these problems have become a national issue and are the results of the large percentage of pretentious posers in American society that cause children, teens, and adults to opt out of enforcing their natural birthright; to live. According to the National Education Association 160,000 children miss school every day in fear of other students. “1 of 7 students in grade K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying.” After conversing with an educator who worked in a school in the rural part of the state I have learned that bullying differs between rural and urban areas. In rural areas sexuaity drives bullying more than in urban areas, gender roles are more valued in remote areas. The educator had observed that adolescents that haven’t yet discovered their sexuality and are currently experimenting by wearing opposite gender clothes are outcasted. Although I am aware of this issue and have heard about it, it’s still mind boggling to me considering in my school, now and before, this wasn’t an issue. Girls including me would wear boy shirts as a

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