Atrocious Aftermath of Bullying

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Imagine you are on your way home to your sister’s “Sweet 16” birthday party. You brought her a secret present and are excited to show it to her. You walk into her room thrilled to “pop the surprise” and instead of her being joyfully surprised, you become depressed with sadness that she hung herself from the ceiling fan. These kinds of disparities happen often due to bullying. Bullying should be dealt with to avoid the negative and morose consequences that can affect an individual’s life.
Bullying should not be dealt with because a bully free society is not attainable. Some say that reaching a bully free society is not viable because to do so you must reach a “Utopia” which is “unrealistic and unachievable” (Kalman). Unfortunately, a “Utopia” is not achievable, so we must deal with bullying with all our strength and potential to prevent it from happening. A bully-free Utopia is impossible because bullying has become “the norm” and has grown to be recognized as “socially acceptable” (Casserly). Since a bully-free Utopia is unattainable we must use all measures to stop bullying from occurring and spreading like “wildfire”. Contrasting to why a Utopia is not possible, “Ladakh, is a region in which there is no bullying.” However, Ladakh is not a true Utopia (in which death is not present); it is a bully-free Utopia. A bully-free society can be created by practicing “wisdom” and “moral principles” (Kalman). Although, opponents of anti-bullying activists say that bullying should

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