Taking a Look at the Jewish Holocaust

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The Holocaust a tragic catastrophe in which six million Jews were brutally murdered by the Nazi regime. Who were the Nazi’s and what punishments were brought against these war time criminals. During the Holocaust the Nazis used a form of indoctrination that contrived others to believe that the Jews were the ones to blame for the country’s loss after WWI. This indoctrination then lead to the massive murder of the Jews. In later years to come the Nazi leaders were charged with many crimes. The allied forces formed the Nuremberg Tribunal, these forces included the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and France. These nations had announced that they would began grueling the Nazi’s in the winter of 1945. The United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union were the first to officially announced on december 17, 1942 that they wanted to litigate those who were responsible for the mass murders of the Jewish people. On October 1943 the Moscow Declaration was signed and this said that the criminal would be sent to their country and the country would take care of charging them accordingly to their laws. The Nuremberg trials officially began in Nuremberg, Germany on November 20, 1945 . Germany had surrendered just six months prior to the trials. Each one of the nations supplied a judge and a prosecution team in the trial (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). The Nazi’s could be charged with one or many of the four accounts: Conspiracy, Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes,

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