Taking a Look at the League of Nations

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In this essay i am going to write about The League of Nations and different accepts how failed and how it is happened and .Policy Brief The League of Nations - the first international organisation that its main objective is put strengthen international relationships and the transparency of these relations in the countries of the world . Also served as a pretext to create devastation after . First World War, which set the whole world on the edge of existence like the difficult economic and political situation , instability, catastrophic decline of production, which had to be rebuilt. Severe conditions of existence and low living standards . The idea to create the League of Nations was nominated by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson . In his famous " Fourteen Points " , submitted to the U.S. Congress and world political community during the First World War , Wilson called for " the formation of certain conditions the general association of nations to provide large and small states mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity." In accordance with the plans of the League of Nations Wilson staged the purpose of maintaining peace and development among all countries of the world wish to join the organisation, open diplomatic relations. It was a fundamentally new experience in international diplomacy , which had previously served the interests of a few great powers that dominated the global arena. According to the plan Wilson League had the right to maintain
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