Taking a Look at the Lincoln Electric Company

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Lincoln Electric Company
From the Harvard Case Study by Arthur Sharplin,it is clearly indicated that Lincoln Electric Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes.This company employs about 2,400 workers in its U.S factories and around 600 workers in three of its factories in other countries. Continuing influence of founders.
The the founders of this company had the spirit of innovation .John Lincoln who was the main founder of this company,remained the president but dedicated most of his energy on his innovative job.This innovative attitude still can clearly been seen in the comany’s activities.From the paper,it can be found that all manufacturing are in line with the latest innovation.James F.Lincoln also brought in Advisory Board which meet with the Chief Executive Officer twice a month.This policy is still practice in the company.
The founders of Lincoln Electric did not put any organizational chart.The aim being to insure maximum flexibility.Therefore an open door policy is practice and personnels are encourage to take problems to any related person who can effect solution faster and effectively.Here,it will be true to say that routine inspection does not exist with Lincoln Company as employees are all enthusiastic about their jobs. Th Golden rule
With the Lincoln company,its attitude toward customers is very clear and very important as James F.Lincoln saw the customer’s needs as the d’entre for

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