The Legacy Of The Lincoln Company

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Started during the great economic depression, despite great difficulties, and misfortune in the beginning, the Lincoln Company did stand adversity and never cease to grow since.
John C Lincoln was able to successfully carry out his vision, he not only increased its sales but also the size of company.Later, John C Lincoln is replaced by another Lincoln as a manger when he choose to be an engineer and inventor.

The company success is not only the result of the hard work and devoted employees but also the all managerial system and policies in place that assures a good harmony, and perfect functioning structures.

Mutual respect is the foundation of all relationships in the Lincoln Company starting at the top of the firm. Respect is the ability to recognize of what is, a good manager are able to recognize the value of people, things and situations. A good team leader also evaluate the results and situations, take into account the pluses and the minuses, strengths and room for improvement, risks and opportunities…He is very interested in the potential of his employees. That is what James F Lincoln have brought since the beginning in the Lincoln Company. He understood that by seeking a committee advisor elected by the employees, on company operations is the best way to align a good management.
Such committee oversee the personnel related policies and practices, it establish or recommend the various components of compensation for the company’s personnel, components such as base
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