Taking the Shot: A Short Narrative Essay

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“Please, Please, come on! Can you please take me?” This has been going on since eight in the morning. My brother followed me around the house begging me. “Pleaaase, if you take me to Anthony’s house, I’ll do whatever you want!” He wanted me to take him to his friend’s house, and he wasn’t going to give up so I finally agreed. “Fine. Let’s go.” I held his hand and we went out. But what I didn’t have in mind was that what was a beautiful summer day, was never going to be ordinary.
Our house was on the top of a hill. We started to walk down it hand in hand. My brother was so excited to see his friend. His happiness filled me with warmth and joy.
We made it down the cliff and there they were. Charbel and Steve. Charbel was the bully of the …show more content…

“Look. You said you wanted to be my friend right? Well that’s the cost. So take it or stay a loser.” Steve hesitated, but took the pebble from Charbel’s hand anyway.
Fear rushed into me. I tried to drag Jean away. I kept hearing Charbel saying “Throw it, throw it throw it…” He kept repeating the words like a broken record until Steve sent the stone flying towards us.
And there it was. Targeting me. Searching for my face to hit it. I closed my eyes expecting the pain to wash through me, but nothing happened. I heard the thud but didn’t feel anything.
I opened my eyes to see Jean, standing, head facing the ground, blood flowing out of his forehead.
I was so shocked, I felt paralyzed. Steve and Charbel were nowhere to be seen.
I didn’t know what to do. It took me all my power to open my mouth and scream at the top of my lungs. “Daaaad!!!!” I kept calling out for my father until he came down running, followed by my uncle. At the look of my brother losing all the blood, they were both terrified.
Steve’s grandpa who lived near us, realized what was going on, rushed to his car and picked up my dad who was carrying Jean trying to stop the bleeding.
All I could do was cry while the vehicle drove away to the hospital. My uncle lifted me and carried me home.
I was so worried. I was feeling guilty and ashamed. I’m the oldest but he protected me. The crying never stopped, I felt like the world was getting dark and the next thing I know, my mom was

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