Talladega College Case Study

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Chapter 3 – Description of the Intervention
The traditional and non-traditional students go through different obstacles when deciding on what degree courses they feel the is the most suitable for them. The traditional students at Talladega College have the options of taking more courses on campus and to physically interact with their teachers for quick and easy insight and feedback than the non-traditional student. Traditional students also have access to more degree programs and fewer chances of going through a rough process when obtaining Master’s degree after their undergraduate studies. The non-traditional students at Talladega College can apply for some but not all degrees. All non-traditional students are also required to take all classes …show more content…

This project is to be utilized in the manner of recruitment for the upcoming years and to help motivate the continuance of the current students who are looking to seek more from the institution of Talladega College. This assignment will also use outside sources to relate to the issues at hand. The sources that are used will help to give an outlook on what the problems consist of and how to resolve them. To get the solutions that are needed for the increase of the non-traditional student satisfaction, the need for a better relationship between the faculty and the student must be addressed as an objective for recruitment and continuance. The need for improvements with communication between faculty and non-traditional students can be a factor to having a decrease of student satisfaction with the Fast Track Department. To get answers and statements from some non-traditional students, a survey “What do you Think?”, administered by Brittney St. Ann, sought to find information about how students felt about their situations and experiences when dealing with the Fast Track

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