Talon And Chantry Essay

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The Talon & Chantry is a series of novels by renowned Westerns writer Louis L'Amour. The Talon & Chantry series of novels has eight novels the first of which was North to the Rails that was first published in 1971. The first novel in the series was so popular that the author decided to write seven more titles in the series culminating in Milo Talon published in 1981. Although the novels are generally known as the Talon & Chantry books they are also known separately as The Talon Books or the Chantry Books depending on which family the lead character in the novels is. The led characters in the series of novels come from a long line of either the Chantry noble family from Scotland or the Talon family that were the early pioneers of the United …show more content…

The leads in the three Talon novels are three generations of Talon men who are also related to the Sackett clan through their matriarch. Their patriarch was a pirate that had famously made himself a wooden hand after losing one in an accident. As such, the Talons had inherited a spirited, innovative, and resourceful streak. The Talon men are adventurous men who always want to see what interesting life they could find over the next hill. As such, they explore the reaches of the Americas from Quebec in Canada, to the Rocky Mountains to the wide-open spaces of the American Wild West. Nonetheless, despite their love for adventure and danger, they genuinely care for other people and are always willing to help someone in need. The Chantry’s ancestry goes back to gallant Irish gentry, that starts from their patriarch Tatton Chantry. Just like the Talons they have rogue skill sets that serve them well in the American Wild West. The Chantry’s boast European ancestry and education and are well travelled, and have been to many countries from the Americas to Europe. They deal with political betrothals, maidens, and treasure among other conflicting interests in their quest to make a name for themselves in the new world. The Chantry’s are drawn to the search for wealth and position in their society and …show more content…

Tatton Chantry the lead in the novel is a Scotsman who had the worst of years after the British burn down his home and kill his father. He left Ireland and moved to the Americas where he hopes to make a new fortune before returning home to reclaim his inheritance. Along the way, he learns and becomes proficient in the use of firearms, which would make him one of the very deadliest enemies the British would ever want to face upon his return to London. Having hidden a small fortune he heads for the New World only for his troop to be attacked by the Native

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