Tangererine Rhetorical Analysis

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Most people have had a mentor at one time in their life. In Edward Bloor´s novel Tangerine, Paul has a mentor as well. Theresa proves to be the mythological archetype the mentor to Paul because she gives him advice, aids him, and helps him. First, Theresa is the mentor to Paul because she gives him advice. Theresa motivates Paul by saying the good things about Tangerine Middle. For instance, the text says, ¨Mon. Sept. 18, Paul is starting school at Tangerine Middle¨ (Bloor 97). Paul meets Theresa, she is a tour guide at the school. She tells Paul to try out for the soccer team by telling him how good it is. She said she would introduce Paul to the soccer team, and her one brother Tino is on it. This shows that Theresa motivates Paul that Tangerine Middle isn't that bad. This portrays imagery of Theresa showing Paul around on the first day. It reveals how nice Theresa is by helping the new kid (paul). The tone of the quote shows seriousness. These statements show how Theresa motivates paul in the quote. She motivates him that not all people are bad. Theresa says, “I just figured you guys would all be looking down your noses at us. And some of those kids were. But not you” (292). This shows how Theresa gave the new kid a chance. It suggests imagery of the new kids looking down their noses at them. It’s ironic because she expected him to not like tangerine, but it was the total opposite. The quote shows how helpful she is. These statements show Theresa is unlike anyone else
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