Tap Water Vs Bottled Water

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Tap water vs bottled water. One of the most significant resources in our life is water. However, when it comes to drinking water, people should be careful on choosing whether the water they are drinking is pure and healthy for them or not. People can make their own choice to drink a tap water or bottled water. Most people believe that bottled water is healthier than drinking tap water. However, they should take a look at the adverse effects of bottled water before they consume it. Bottle water companies spend a lot of money to produce the bottled water. Also, it is one of the main reasons that cause pollution. Unlike bottled water, Tap water doesn’t cause any harm to the environment and it is more convenient. There are many reasons why people should drink tap water because it is cheaper, it is better for the environment, and it is healthier. First, people have to look at the price of bottled water or tap water and see which one is good for their pocket. It is clear that bottled water costs more than tap water. According to The American Food and Drug Administration, one bottled water costs $1. However, people can get the same amount of tap water with less than 10 cents. So, if people look at how much they’re spending on water, it should be clean and pure enough for them to spend a lot of money on it. If a person buys at least two bottled glasses of water each day, he/she pays more than $600 a year. So, when we compare the prices of bottled water and Tap…
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