Tax Reform : A Quintessential Recalibration

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Tax Reform: A Quintessential Recalibration
In a world filled with economic turmoil, one might look at a loaf of bread today at the grocery store and wonder if it will cost the same tomorrow. The inflation factor has driven prices of food, energy and many other life essentials to an all-time high. In countries like America where the national debt has soared into the double digit trillions. It becomes a question in the minds of many, “how will we ever pay this money back?” This is a question of great magnitude and many factors decide if, and how it is possible. On a much smaller scale, the average household in America lives within a budget to manage income to debt ratio. This budget allows for the necessities to be purchased while allocating a set amount for debt obligations. When there is not enough money for required expenditures, adjustments must be made to compensate. This type of adjustment is comparable to the adjustments that must be made by the American government to allow the debt ceiling to be lowered, while still making financial obligations for consumer families affordable and manageable. This concept is often referred to as tax reform, and it is the only way America will regain strong financial standing as a country.
A successful tax reform plan is not easy to come by, and there has not been a successful plan developed since 1986 under the Reagan administration. The tax reform bill that was passed then has been slowly unraveling due to a different political

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