Taxation : What Is Just? Essay

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Taxation: What is Just?
Taxation is not a strange word for anyone. It is a charge that all citizens need to pay to governments to fund various public expenditures. The government uses taxes as a mechanism to manage an economic system by supporting businesses and industries and as well as developing communities by improving social programs. In other words, governments spend taxes to serve the demand of citizens and influence economic activities level. We call this fiscal policy. Taxes are collected base on income of workers, business profits, services, and transactions. Truly, when people think about taxation it creates an un-enjoyable experience for taxpayers, if they have to overpay tax on their salary. In contrast, the government will carry a burden if taxes are not collected enough to fulfill budgets. Currently, tax issues are hot topics to the public, especially during the presidential campaign this year. Some candidates argued that the country needed to change taxes systems. Instead of following a progressive tax system where people are taxed based on income, the government would shift the tax structure to a flat tax system. It means everyone will pay the same tax rate because it creates more benefit for the people. In reality, everyone should pay the same percentage of their income in taxes, regardless of what that income is not a fair fiscal policy because it will increase a gap in social relationships, impact small businesses, and difficult to do social programs.

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