Taxiing In America Essay

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Taxation as an effective way to change American’s dieting habits

It has become universally acknowledged that our diets contain too much sugar nowadays and there is an increasingly serious problem of diseases like obesity and diabetes, there is a strong need to take more vegetables and fruits instead of unhealthy items (Bittman, 2011). However, food companies focus mainly on maximizing profits, and people just can’t resist delicious but unhealthy items. Therefore, the responsibility of helping citizens become more health-conscious and have sound diet lies with the government. This article is going to argue that taxing on unhealthy food and subsidizing vegetables may be a wise choice for policy makers.
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The US government should, like what they did in attacking tobacco in the 1990s, tax things such as fries and sugar beverages, and subsidize staple foods that constitute healthy diets like vegetables and whole grains to make more people affordable of healthy food. In doing this, not only the overall health of Americans will be improved, but also a large portion of health care costs will be saved. The saved budget can be used for welfare facilities and health programs (Bittman, 2011). Meanwhile, many other problems, such as environmental pollution, will be addressed …show more content…

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