Teacher Observation Paper

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In the past couple of days I have went to 3 different school to observe and interview teachers about their assessment tools. I interviewed both preschool and kindergarten teachers. The schools I had visited were Crocus Academy, Gutermuth Elementary, and Auburndale Elementary.
The first school that I went to was Crocus Academy. At Crocus Academy I interviewed Ms. Amber. Ms. Amber went to Elizabethtown Community Technical College as well. Amber teaches a preschool class at Crocus. She walks around the room while the children do their activities. When needed she will stop and help the kids or correct them on their work. Amber is always interacting with the kids to keep their focus throughout the day. Crocus Academy has their own curriculum that they go by. It is something new every week. Teachers at Crocus Academy all use a preschool checklist for …show more content…

This school is also located in Louisville, Kentucky. I interviewed Mrs. Brittany Dolak. She has been teaching kindergarten for 5 years. She has ages 5 to 7 in her current class. When circulating the room during class time she keeps mental notes and helps students with work. If a student had done a problem or activity wrong she works with them to fix I then instead of waiting until they are completely finished and going back to fix it. Mrs. Dolak uses district assessments such as Brigance and Mapp testing. She also uses the unit assessments for Journeys (writing) and Kindermath. Mrs. Dolak uses anecdotal notes and checklist to see what the children have mastered and what still needs worked on. With the math she does pre and post checks that are provided by Kindermath. Each student has their own commutative files for math and then a portfolio for their writing. Since she also works for a Jefferson County Public School her parent/teacher conferences happen twice a year. Dolak also provides conferences with parents as needed for the individual child’s

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