Educational Assessment Essay

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Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development (Palomba & Banta, 1999). Educational assessments are carried out to measure the efficiency of the program, the quality of instruction and progress of a child’s learning. The purpose is to determine the growth and development. There are several kinds of assessment carried out during a student’s learning. These include the placement assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment. Learners coming into the kindergarten class are often given a pre test or a placement assessment to evaluate what the learner may already know or think about content that is to be …show more content…

How much each child has improved over time, gives the educators an opportunity to recognize what modifications are needed to improve the student’s achievement. e.g. if a child knows the uppercase and lowercase alphabets very well then the teacher can move on to sounds of the alphabet. On the other hand if the child is struggling to identify the alphabets then the teacher has to come up with alternate ideas to modify her lesson plans. The school carries out assessment twice a year. The mid year and end of the year assessment shows that the expectations from the kindergarteners are slowly raised keeping in mind the consistency of the curriculum and the objectives. An end of the year assessment clearly shows the child’s expected familiarity and independency in the subject. Objectives for the assessment The assessment is used to identify the various skill levels of learners. There are four levels of expected growth chosen to meet the objectives. Each level has a set of criteria and standards linked to learning objectives and a scoring system to align it. In the above table, being able to identify two rhyming words in 3 out of 5 sentences assesses the success of rhyming in a sentence and gives the learner the highest score of 4. For a learner who is able to identify 6 rhyming pairs, produce 6 ending sounds gets a score of 3. A learner who is able to recognize 6 rhyming pairs is given a

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