Teaching And Learning Mathematics For Elementary Students

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An article, I chose, related to teaching and learning mathematics for elementary students is “STEM Gives Meaning to Mathematics” by Lukas J. Hefty. This article is about how teachers can teach mathematics while teaching science. Teachers can do this by using “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education” (Hefty, 2015, p. 424). This allows teachers to integrate science with math or math with technology. The article mentions that STEM “frees students to reason about complex problems, analyze multiple solutions, and communication ideas and results. They develop habits of mind along with the necessary mathematics skills” (Hefty, 2015, p. 424). On page 424, Hefty provides readers with a table which shows examples by grade level of how math can be integrated with science. Hefty stresses the importance of students “working collaboratively, communicate effectively, and design multiple solutions to complex problems,” in figure 1 on page 425 (Hefty, 2015, p. 425). In the middle of the article, Hefty gives readers an example of how to teach and integrate math and science. While students are working collaboratively, “teacher facilitators make purposeful connections that naturally integrate mathematics throughout the activities” (Hefty, 2015, p. 425). In the example lesson that the author gives the readers, the students use math to calculate the speed and distance of the car. After the students run their tests, they work together to determine the conclusions of the
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