Teaching And Professional Learning Communities

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Furthermore, our class on Professional Learning Communities (PLC) also had a great impact on me as an instructional coach. One of my responsibilities each week is to lead teachers in PLC. As stated previously, last year was my first year in this new role. My partner left the district very late in the summer and we were unable to find a replacement so I was doing the job of two people. I wasn’t sure how PLC was supposed to be structured and I didn’t have anyone to lean on for support, so I did the best I could to provide teachers with a new instructional strategy each week that could be used in their classrooms. I thought I was doing a great job in PLC until I began the Schools and Professional Learning Communities course. I learned from the work of DuFour and many others that PLC was intended to be a time of collaboration. Teachers should be reviewing their students’ data and using that time to make informed instructional decisions after collaborating with their colleagues. Teachers were walking away each week with new learning; however, there was very little, if any, time spent on reviewing student work samples and adjusting instruction based on feedback. I decided at that point it was time to make a change. In the spring semester, we began a series of PLCs entitled Keep, Change, and Action. We began by looking at student work samples collected from around the district. These samples were placed on a large poster and teachers were given time to review the

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