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My teaching career began back in 1992 on Montana’s Fort Belknap Indian Reservation at the Hays-Lodgepole Secondary School where I taught a wide range of classes such as Drafting & Design, Technology Education, Welding, and Woodworking. In addition to teaching, I also coached track and was a volunteer football coach.
In 1993, my wife and I both received teaching jobs in the Richland School District. During my first year I was split between the Richland High and Hanford Secondary School. While at Richland High, I taught Welding and Metal Fabrication whereas at Hanford, I taught Drafting, Woodworking and Technology Education classes. By 1994 I was teaching full time at Hanford. Fast-forward to today, I am currently teaching Computer Aided Digital Design (CADD) and Fabrication (Woodworking) in addition to being one of the national teachers for
I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Arts, Technology Education and History from Western Montana College (1992) and a Master’s Degree in Education from Heritage University (1997). I am currently on my 23rd year of a profession that I love. I have been married for 25 years with my wife Becky, who is an outstanding and awesome 4th grade teacher at Richland’s Orchard Elementary. We have two wonderful children, Darby (18) and Hunter (15).
All through my teaching career, I have been involved in numerous, activities, committees and professional development opportunities. I have been a member of our

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