Teaching Experience And Acceptance Of Educational Technologies, Self Efficacy And Alienation

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Teaching experience and acceptance of educational technologies, self-efficacy and alienation: Literature Review The relationship between teaching experience, self-efficacy and alienation has received attention from a number of angles in the research literature. Likewise the factors affecting the acceptance of educational technologies have also been investigated, but no study yet examines all factors concurrently. In reviewing the literature it is important to note that these are not isolated factors; for example, a factor contributing to self-efficacy may be a low level of alienation, and the reverse may also be true. This review will consider literature grouped according to the following themes: alienation, self-efficacy, and factors …show more content…

Calabrese and Fisher (1988) argue that teaching experience had a significant effect upon levels of alienation through the use of the Dean Alienation scale on 178 American subjects. This suggests that methods of self-efficac, Teacher’s self-efficacy as how performing specific teaching tasks in a current educational setting, which involves in how well they are capable of affecting student performance (Dellinger 2001). This is an extension of Rotter’s (1966) on how it was stated that the

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