Teaching Methods And Strategies For Teaching Reading

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Teaching Methods and Strategies for Teaching Reading to a Functional Skills Classroom
What are the most effective teaching methods for teaching reading to students with intellectual disabilities? Students with intellectual disabilities have severe deficits in language and memory that causes difficulty in learning to read (Allor, Mathes, Champlin, & Cheatham, 2009). The teaching method most commonly used to teach students with intellectual disabilities to read was to memorize sight words (Allor, Mathes, Jones, Champlin, & Cheatham, 2010). Sight word vocabulary is essential, but should not be the only method. Current research by Allor et al., (2009) suggests more effective teaching methods can assist students with intellectual disabilities to acquire basic reading skills.
Review of the Literature
This literature survey was embarked on to examine the question: What teaching methods and strategies are the most effective for teaching reading to students in a functional skills classroom? Students with intellectual disabilities in a functional skills classroom are often left behind or assumed to not be capable of learning to read and one in five students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities (ID) achieve minimal literacy skills (Allor, Mathes, Roberts, Jones, & Champlin, 2010). Frequently school curriculum for students with moderate to severe disabilities focuses on social and interpersonal functioning with academic skills taking a back seat. Effective

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