Teaching Music History Today 's Classroom Essay

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Teaching Music History In Today’s Classroom

In today’s music classrooms, one typically does not hear students talking about music history. In the state of Ohio, the 5-12 music standards require that some aspect of music history be incorporated into each grade level. Whether they teach band, choir, orchestra, or general music, most times our Ohio teachers are not meeting the music history standards. Our students are loosing the valuable education of the importance of music and the history behind it. If we do not continue to teach our students about the history of music, they will not be interested and continue on traditions that we have today, such as going to symphony orchestra concerts. No matter what type of music class they are involved in, our students deserve the best music education possible, and should be taught about the history of music. In most Ohio schools, one of the requirements of students is to take some type of music class each year. Most times, students have the option to choose which class they want, but the standards must still be covered in every music class. Recently, our Ohio teachers have lacked in providing the students the knowledge they need in order to cover the music history standards. The history of music is one of those topics that most music teachers do not enjoy, which means that they also do not want to teach it. Just like we have to do some things in daily life that we do not want to do, teachers also have to teach things they may not

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