Teaching New Academic Standards Proposed By Creswell ( 2015 )

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The approach to answer the questions raised in this initiative will include the steps proposed by Creswell (2015):
1. Identifying a research problem. The problem identified in this case is that high school mathematics teachers in M-DCPS and nationwide face many hurdles to adopt and apply in their teaching new academic standards proposed by CCSS for mathematics; specifically in algebra and geometry classes. This initiative will investigate this problem and marginal concerns in implementing CCSS mathematical ideas and practices in high schools classrooms.
2. Reviewing the literature. Relevant information, facts, and resources from articles published in educational peer-reviewed journals, books, and research databases will be selected and summarized to substantiate this initiative. Obviously, online databases will be used as a primary source to find literature related to the goals of this initiative. The findings of this section will serve as the bedrock or scientific foundation of this proposed initiative. It will show that its results will add to the existing knowledge of professional development to improve high school mathematics teachers’ pedagogy.
3. Specifying a purpose for research: In this case, a goal statement is used instead to define the initiative or to state the expected achievement. As stated earlier, the goal of this initiative is to plan, design, develop, create, administer, and evaluate an online professional development course in order to address high

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