Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay

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Teaching Philosophy Statement

“Today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders.” There is nothing more valuable to our society than its children – the lessons they learn will help shape them into the adults they will someday become. I want to be a teacher because I have a great passion for wanting to help children acquire the knowledge and skills they need, as well as the chance to explore their own interests and find their strengths. I believe my philosophy is an eclectic blend of essentialism and progressivism, with a dash of a few others thrown in. To me, the ‘basics’ are a very important part of education, but giving students a chance to actually experience a concept – to understand the how and why – makes the knowledge become …show more content…

I believe that art is a very important area in which many schools are lacking and not placing enough focus. I plan on making art a key part of my class because I believe it helps boost self-esteem and foster creativity while enhancing self-expression. I will use it in many areas to supplement a lesson. For example: in reading – students draw a storyline/mini-comic book for the book or story we just read; in history – make a timeline of events to learn chronological order; in math – make a chart to help visualize differences, etc. Art will be a large focus for me because I believe if you don’t bolster it in elementary age children, it makes it harder to develop the creativity and self-expression for junior and senior high age students. I also want many hands on projects in my classroom because if you make something interesting or do something in a manner different from the norm, the students are more likely to remember it and retain the information for a longer period of time.

In my classroom I plan on being the ‘head’ of the classroom. I will expect the children to listen to me. I plan on using a blend of assertive discipline, as set forth my Lee and Marlene Canter, and democratic classroom, as set forth by Alfie Kohn. There will be certain rules each child will be expected to follow and consequences and rewards based on the following of the rules. I don’t want to simply punish though; I want to try and understand why a student acts up or

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