Teaching Plan for Patient Health Management Essay

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There is need for a content outline in the teaching for the objectives to be achieved. For example, patient knows how the canister and the medication fit together. The other content of teaching for the other objective is the correct technique in delivering the medication (Beaucage and Nesbitt, n.d.). The content of teaching is directly associated to the type and intricacy of the two objectives (Bastable, 2013). To teach the objective, I will use the one-to-one instruction to teach about the metered dose inhaler device. This will be a face-to-face delivery of the inhaler device information. This method allows the nurse and patient to communicate information, viewpoints, and feelings. This gives the nurse a chance to explain and not …show more content…

This will give a visual picture of how the inhaler work and how to use the inhaler. Video will help learner implanting visual memories, and stimulating the feels of seeing and hearing in a way of triggering more permanent learning. The nurses must make sure the demonstration resources must be suitable and accurate for the intended patient (Bastable, 2013). To evaluate the objectives is by post-testing and observation of return demonstration. First, the patient must inform how the medication fit into the canister. Then, the patient shows how to use the proper techniques in giving the medication. The nurses evaluate how the learners delivered the desired outcomes to see if the learner succeeded the anticipations of the learning (Bastable, 2013). In this case, patient would know how to put the medication in the canister and inform how it works. Then, patient will be able to perform the administration of the inhaler for himself/herself by holding the inhaler upright between forefinger and thumb, inserting the mouthpiece into the mouth with sealing the lips around it and beginning to inhale while pressing down the pump (Beaucage and Nesbitt, n.d.). Definitely, all these learning techniques can be taught using social media. People learn more information by going on the Internet. Especially, YouTube has so many videos, basically about everything. Also, any information can be quickly reached to worldwide audience

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