Teaching Stem : 21st Century Skills

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The second text that was evaluated for this paper is entitled, “Teaching STEM: 21st Century Skills”, written by Virginia Jones. This article spends a lot of time talking about how 21st Century Skills can make schooling better for our children. This is done by going through and presenting each aspect of these skills with a brief explanation of what implementing them would do to positively influence the education of our students. It talks about how this change must begin in elementary school and challenges facing teachers that should start integrating these skills into their current teaching plans. The author also provides the readers with example projects that directly relate to a couple of these skills. One of these examples is using chocolate chip cookies to represent coal mines to show students that not all coal minds produce the same amount of material and that such material is in limited supply. The article also offers other examples to help educators integrate these skills into their current teachings. It draws attention to the idea that these will teach students lifelong skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and many more while giving more example lessons that could be used by the educator to start this process. The article then gives a description of what exactly 21st Century Skills are and what they strive to do if implemented correctly. An example of this is how the author spends a good deal of time looking at the different skills that would

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