Teaching To Transgress : A Dialogue Between Bell Hooks And Ron Scapp

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“Teaching to Transgress” is a dialogue between bell hooks and Ron Scapp about the best type of community a student can actually learn in and what role each person has in the classroom to help contribute to the preferred classroom dynamic. In this excerpt, the passage that resonated most with what I believe was from Scapp. He says “In the end it’s the teacher’s voice that everyone knew all along was the only one to listen to…” (Scapp 150). I feel as though I’ve always subconsciously known this, but never realized the problem with it. In almost every single one of my english classes or even other classes, the only person that the students look to for affirmation is the teacher. For some reason, everyone has the mentality that our opinions are inferior in comparison to the teacher and that we know nothing. This kind of thinking can be so detrimental to a learning environment because we do not see our own opinions as valid and desperately try to suggest what the teacher might approve of. This just reinforces the pressure upon our shoulders to always be “right” and fosters a competitive environment. But just as the passage says, this competition can only lead to us, students, not paying attention to what others say. Not only do we undervalue our opinions, but we soon learn to lose respect for what others have to say either. Why? Simply because they do not hold any position of power. They do not have the ability to influence our grade with a tap of a button or to write us up when

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