Essay on Teal Death Do Us Part

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It was getting to be long summer in my home state of the heat of the summer looking for love in all the wrong places. Spending life choosing the wrong people to have as friends. Living in constant pain of looking for the love of my life until one frightfully delighting and mind blowing day of the meeting of love and lifelong experiences. All ways keeping to standers that I would find one true love and care for in way only I can care for my lover. It was a Warm July day, and I met her. My heart stood up with a passion and joy, and the confusion of love swirled in my heart when I met her. It confused me at first; I was only spouse to be hanging out with friends, more importantly, my girlfriend at the time and her friends. Who would …show more content…

So I was off to see my new love internist and close friend at the time. Feeling risky and excited she and i teased each other with thought of being together. But later that day when her soft tender lips landed on mine in that warm sun and it felt like the Gods shinned down from heaven with approval the warmth of that kiss would change are life’s for the rest of are days not knowing then I would soon be on won knee to ask her to be my lovely and enchanting bride. only weeks later from that first kiss me and her family where off to her home state of Indiana twelve hours of being crammed in a little car going up to see her family for the 4th of July crammed in car going to her home town . Excited to be going I loved every moment of the car ride up we laughed we had a great time going up there. We got there July 4th morning we drove all night tired as could be we went and visited all her relatives and after we went to fire work show and had a blast with her child hood friend. The next night we repeated everything me falling in love with her every second of every day since we met that night in the .Soon after following events in the dim light moon light we went on walk and only few weeks of knowing her I got down on one knee as a joke because her friend said I was going to and ask for her hand in marriage joking at the time but as soon as stood up and looked in her eyes I suddenly understood that I meant those words and I really

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