Analysis Of The Poem ' Annabelle Lee ' By Edgar Allen Poe

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For my Written Task One, I am doing English: Language and Literature. I chose to take the poem Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe and turn it into a short story. Poe’s structure of his poems flows like a story, but he chose to use the conventions of a poem instead of a story. I will use Poe’s ideas from his poem Annabelle Lee and create my own story, using a more modern language. Poe’s intended audience were educated adults in America. Even though his intended audiences were adults in America, his writing usually had European, romanticism, and gothic touches because many authors at that time had education based in Europe. My intended audience will be fans of Edgar Allen Poe’s poems. Poe’s purpose had been to share his stories and …show more content…

She looked so sad that I walked over to her and said I needed help with my castle. She looked at her small pile and accepted my offer. Ever since that day we worked on our castles together, building towers that seemed to stretch to the skies. We grew close and soon, we were falling in love. Even as kids we knew what was happening and we declared our love for each other while building fortresses out of sand.

Two teenagers ran down the coastline, never stopping. The golden sun reflected off the girl’s hair making it look like a cascade of gold. Her lithe body flew quickly over the sand, leaving the boy to chase after her. He finally caught up and wrapped his arms around her waist. They stumbled through the sand until they collapsed, her on top of him. They rolled through the sand, their laughter that rippled through the ocean was heard by the moon herself. They finally stopped, him on top of her this time. They stayed like that, their breathing ragged. They looked at each other like someone would look at the greatest thing on Earth. It was a look filled with passion and love. They kissed and it was so full of love that they didn’t stop until the sun was gone and the moon met the ocean. They lay looking up at the stars, holding hands and talking all through the night. It felt to them like time had stopped and they were stuck in that moment. The next morning, they were awakened by the shrill sound of a ringing phone. The girl rolled over and answered

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