Team Based Structures For Group Work

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Many organizations around the world apply team-based structures in order to achieve their goals. Although several problems may arise when implementing team based structures, if applied correctly, the overall group cohesiveness gives team members a sense of belonging while also proving to be very productive. It is important to get the correct mix of individuals regarding groups. In order to achieve success in group work, you want to incorporate individuals who have skills that compliment each other’s. Although there a plethora of advantages associated with group work, it could also result with many difficulties over time if not applied in the correct manner. There is an array of advantages associated with implementing team-based structures to achieve goals. Initially, it has been shown that groups do indeed generate more complete information and knowledge in regards to a group decision, versus and individual effort. The reason for this is because groups are able to aggregate the strengths and resources of each individual. That is, the group members provide their own opinion allowing the group to consider a diversity of views. It is simply clear why having several perspectives of a situation rather than a single perspective would prove advantageous when considering decision-making. With all of these perspectives in mind, the group, in result, has more alternatives and approaches they can consider when coming to a decision. The outcomes of these aspects are increased…
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