Teas n' Line: Market Analysis

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Primary market segment will attempt to reach those who have or want a healthy life-style "in line" with their overall health goal.
Executive Summary: Teas n' Line is a manufacturing and marketing company focused on providing a healthy beverage alternative for health conscious individuals. The product will be unique in that it will source only from organic, sustainable farms, and use only organic and healthy fruit flavorings with no processed sugars or additives. In addition, Teas n' Line will use a unique packaging alternative to glass: a thick cardboard similar to a milk carton with a proprietary seal inside that allows the product to be on the shelf far longer without refrigeration. The overall idea is to provide a health and sustainable product and modeling the behavior of sourcing only eco-friendly and healthy materials.
The goal of the company would be to produce its line so that restaurants, grocery stores, convenience outlets and sporting venues would be able to sell the product based on an alternative for individual consumption.
Situation Analysis: Soft drinks are a multibillion dollar global commodity in the 21st century Coke alone produces over 400 brands in 250 countries, serving an average of 1.5 billion servings of some type of beverage per day (Warner, 2005). However, in the last decade or so, soft drink sales…
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