Technical Report On Information Management And Control

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TECHNICAL REPORT ON Sharepoint 7114IBA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL NACHIKET AGARKAR S2973613 SUMMARY The demand for easy access to internal and external documents and secured files within the organisation is important for all organisation. Sharepoint is one of the most efficent, flexible and easy to use application for storing information and documents with restricted acesss to view, add or overwrite to people within the organisation. You could say its the only tool you have to hammer and everything else look like a nail. Searching for emails, updating documents with the update version and resending the emails has been a hazzle since years. Sharepoint address business usage and communication needs to different…show more content…
This automated system helps in regulating task and completing them on time thereby ensure low loss to business and remarkable . TECHNOLOGY USED Sharepoint is used to track, manage electronic documents like word, excel, pdf etc and store them at a location . It is a integration of Office Suite, Office Apps on different devices which allows editing scenarios and updating the versions and sync them from any location with access to internet or intranet. It allows to tracking the integrated history version, collaborative online editing and search capabilities. All these capabilities are easy to configure and comply with a unique recording management. Sharepoint also enables a graphically search functionality to track projects, documents and users with access to files and documents. It is a centralised locations to store, versioning and collaborating documents without depending on emails to collabrate together. Sharepoint Server is hosted on OneDrive for Business which is a cloud storage which allows storage and sync of files across differnet devices which allows public and private file sharing. It could be used as a personal cloud to store and manage information. Sharepoint is used to team site which is fast and very cost effective way to communicate information in a professional looking way to the team. Sharepoint allows to change the apperance by customising it with adding functionalities without doing any programming.
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