Techniques Used by Clarinet Players

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Technique is very important for all musicians of all types, especially for Clarinet players. Many of the techniques are vital for a great musician to understand. Things such as embouchure, vibrato and tone effects are all things that are required by the musician. I will be investigating the embouchure and how a correct one will substantially increase your prowess as a woodwind, particularly clarinet, player. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that has a single reed mouthpiece. Johann Christoph Denner invented the clarinet in Germany around the turn of the 18th century by adding a register key to the earlier Chalumea. Having a correct embouchure is vitally important to playing woodwind instruments.
1. Embouchure.
2. Different types of embouchures in different people.
3. Research into different kinds of embouchure and how other people do it.
4. Synthesis of why it is very important to have an good embouchure.
With the woodwinds, the sound is generated by a reed and not with the lips. The embouchure is therefore based on sealing the area around the reed and the mouthpiece. This makes sure that there is no air escaping from either side of the mouthpiece when the musician is blowing. A reed instrument works by having the musician blowing a steady breath of air over the reed and through the mouthpiece. The vibrations of the reed are what produce the sound that makes up the notes. The harder or stronger the air is passing over the reed the higher the pitch of the

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