Technological Advancements On Healthcare Information Technology

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Recent technological advancements have drastically changed how care providers manage data and deliver services. [1] For this reason, entry-level and veteran nurses learn new technologies, while nursing schools develop new curriculums that serve the new caregiving environment. The most notable changes have occurred in the healthcare information technology (HIT) field, where providers use powerful software and hardware to manage patient records. This development has in turn advanced the informatics field, which combines HIT databases – such as electronic health records (EHRs) with institutional administrative data and helps organization perform more efficiently. Informatics practitioners use HIT to maximize the utility offered by EHRs - …show more content…

The transparency eliminates errors and risks, such as conflicting prescriptions and treatments. Care providers use monitoring technology to trigger alerts when such discrepancies arise in patients’ electronic health records. Faster Lab Results Electronic health records allow caregivers to retrieve patient information faster than using conventional methods, facilitating timely test scheduling and treatment. [4] Furthermore, caregivers can access test results as soon as the results become available. Increase Patients Information Accessibility By law, American citizens have the right to access their medical information to check for and correct errors and omissions. [3] To this end, some care providers offer patients online access to their medical records. The practice increases information transparency and, in many cases, allows patients to fin answer their own queries quickly. Increased Prescription Efficiency While EHRs greatly reduce drug errors, some mistakes still occur. [5] Mistakes typically happen while administering, dispensing, prescribing and transcribing medications. Electronic information management allows caregivers to identify areas for improvement and increase patient safety. Streamlined Records Administration Electronic health records replace the paper patient charts typically used during most care provider visits. [3] As more providers adopt EHR

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