A Brief Note On The And Central Station Desktop Ehrs

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Slide 10: Within nursing practice, assessment, documentation, and communication are the most frequent activities, consuming 18.1%, 9.9%, and 11.8% of nurses ' time, but with EHR nurses have more time to analyze and deliver patient care. The selection of bedside or central station desktop EHRs will influence documentation time for the two main user groups, physicians and nurses (Vondrak, 2012).

Slide 11: Human errors, such as medication errors or allergy errors, are minimized with alerts on the electronic health record. The electronic health record has shown to reduce the number of missing charts (82%), and improves data accessibility to patient records and documentation remotely (75%) (Narisi, 2013). By eliminating paper charting, the EHR makes all patient’s data and information available at all times to all physicians. The EHR improves patient care delivery by reducing the error of hand-written orders and allows for other physicians to access the order. This is great for when the doctor orders a medication to start stat, and puts the order into the EHR, so the nurse can start the medication right away (Palma, 2013).

Slide 12: EHR can help detect possible errors in the system. For example, EHR alerts providers of possible conflict in medications that were prescribed to patients.
In a case of emergency when a patient is unconscious and not able to communicate, clinicians can pull the patient’s medical history from the EHR in order to better treat the patient.
With the EHR
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