Technological Automation Is Taking The World By Storm Essay

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Technological automation is taking the world by storm. I observe the effects that it has on the workforce, education, consumption and other well-known facets. While exploring what is known from the past and reading about what could happen in the future I attempt to shine a good light on automation while also acknowledging that it isn’t all nice. From creating new jobs, and lowering the costs of everyday products automation can be seen as an inevitable but necessary change that needs to happen. While robots are steadily taking over the field the need for a higher education may become null and void
Keywords: Technological Automation, Labor, Consumption, Personal Income, Social Interactions, and Education
Automation’s Worldly Affect

You are walking towards the front of the grocery store ready to check out, as you approach the front you have the option of going to self-checkout or to a cashier. Often times we choose self-checkout. At movie theaters, you can buy your tickets, and sometimes your concessions, at self-service kiosks or by going to their box office and concession stand. Again the kiosk is often favored. We live in a world where we expect things as soon as possible, the less time I have to wait for the better. However, sometimes the line waiting for these stations can be longer than the actual lines themselves. So why do people continue going to them if the wait may be longer? It may be because you have the full discretion of your checkout process, and
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