Technology And Technology Essay

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Today in our generation, we could never even imagine in our wildest thoughts what the world, ages before, was like. When during that time there were no computers and the only phone you had was connected to the wall. In this new age, we have advanced so much that now information is just a click away in the palm your hands 24/7. All this advancement was possible only with the creation of two devices, the laptop and a cell phone.
The creation of cell phones and computers are two of the most important technological inventions that have guided our world into what we see it as today. With the emergence of the cell phone, many more people can be able to communicate wirelessly without having to stay at home like they used to. Back then people had to communicate through what is called a landline phone, they would have to be stuck at home most of the day so there wouldn't be a chance that they would miss an important phone call since they didn't have voicemail back then either. Most people use cell phones to make telephone calls whether it be for business or personal, and they are used to send texts. Cell phones have really made a big impact on organizations and businesses in the way that the employees communicate with one another, how they conduct transactions, and how they access information in the workplace. With the quick development in technology, cell phones are surely becoming more and more popular with each passing day (Sedycias, pg 1). With the invention of the

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